Analysis Of The New Ever-Well Women's Health And Wellness Center

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The new Ever-Well Women’s Health and Wellness Center will be a “one-stop shop” facility consisting of Obstetricians and Gynecology services, Health and Wellness Physicians, Psychologist, Pet Therapy, and a Daycare; a comprehensive approach to something for everyone. The facility could deal with an array of birth control options, sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual problems, cancer screening, fatigue, insomnia, group therapy sessions, as well as wellness programs of exercise classes, healthy food/eating and a resource library of information to help understand the perils of illness or healthy lifestyle changes. As the institutions begin to compete for patients, services present an opportunity to develop relationships with new patients…show more content…
The immune system could be impacted by psychological issues, which are not taken into account by the spirituality model, in a revelation called psychoneuroimmunology. Another wonder which cannot give a reason for is the placebo effect, at which point the patient believes they are receiving treatment, but are really getting a remedy that does not have a strong effect on the person physically however they begin to improve, as a result of the psychological assumption of being cured. Our mission is to provide quality medicine to the community setting through a multidisciplinary approach to disease management. The endocrine system is a group of glands that produce hormones that helps control many functions within the body such as growth, development and reproduction. Our approach is an individualized integrated health care experience that concentrates on healthy living, disease management and prevention with behavior modification. Informing heart patients with abnormal heart rhythms, techniques for helping reduce high blood pressures and avoid heart attacks. The most important thing this center can offer is humanity. Anxiety is a learned protective function that once it is out of control will cause the most damage. Group therapy sessions will help the patients face what scares them the most without trying to solve the

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