Analysis Of The New York Times By Cyra Mcfaddin

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In Cyra McFaddin’s article published in the New York Times titled “In Defense of Gender,” she asserts that male pronouns should not be eliminated from written and spoken English works. McFaddin uses satire in an attempt to make readers sympathetic to a writer’s problem of trying to be nondiscriminatory by using gender-neutral language. Cyra McFaddin’s goal is to convince readers that gender neutral language won’t solve any problems or advance feminist ideas because she believes some take it to the extreme. She also thinks that using slashes and the term person makes the English language sound cumbersome and will never please everyone. I disagree with McFaddin. She is quick to criticize the progress that others are attempting to make without offering a solution to the gender neutral language that she so despises. I believe that any progress forward is worthwhile, and accuracy is paramount. Ultimately, everyone just wants to be included in the default. While McFaddin attempts to use humor to cover her complaints of how bland or distracting writing seems when gender-neutral language is used, and how it doesn’t aid in the development of relationships when used; inclusion of everyone is much more valuable and worthwhile. McFaddin makes the point that when writers use a slash in their work, it can be distracting to read especially out loud. She does this by saying, “In print, those “person” suffixes and “he/she’s” jump out from the page, as distracting as a cloud of gnats,

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