Analysis Of The Next Exhibit Planned For The Museum

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In accordance with the board meeting’s decision, the next exhibit planned for the museum will be focused around the struggles faced by civilians on the southern home front during the American Civil War. Although controversial due to recent events surrounding Confederate symbolism in America, the focus of the exhibit will be unique and powerful in its depiction of the conflicts surrounding daily life. When speaking of war, the common man is pushed to the side in favor of the glory of battle and the stories of the citizens are left unsaid. With the Union victory over the Confederacy, the experiences of those living within the South were devalued in comparison to their northern counterparts. Many museums and articles exist that explore life in the North, but only a handful have been done for those of the Confederacy. The exhibit’s goal will be to showcase these untold experiences through the objects left behind by those who lived under the northern siege. Five objects were chosen as the centerpiece of the exhibit and to demonstrate four main hardships that southern civilians lived through. A photograph of the ruins of Richmond, Virginia and a sketch of the bombardment of Petersburg, Virginia speak of how the threat of death was a constant companion for those living in the South. The serious shortages of commodities along with the rampant inflation plaguing the Southern economy are illustrated by an almanac printed during the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi and a sketch done by

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