Analysis Of ' The Night ' By Elie Wiesel

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Determination Decimates Damnation Determination is an important foundation in human lives. Each time an individual or society faces great adversity, one tends to develop an aspect of their identity that showcases a strong link to the significance of determination in people’s lives. Determination is a trait that each individual possesses. However, the degree of this characteristic varies for each individual and depends on the person’s capabilities and willingness to attain a goal. In the Night, author Elie Wiesel provide the readers with an insight of how determination became the guidance for the Jewish people who suffered dreadful torture and endured a horrid lifestyle under the Nazi’s fascist and anti-semitic regime. Furthermore, due to…show more content…
What had I to thank him for?” This excerpt describe Eliezer’s suffering that is caused by the death of his fellow Jews before his eyes, he also felt that the destruction of their community also signifies the death of their God. Thus, the sight of the crematory and the experience that the concentration camp gave Eliezer resulted in the lost of his innocence and his belief in a just and loving God. However, like numerous Jews , Eliezer was not determined to surrender or allow the German’s to celebrate another death of a Jew. Even though, Eliezer may not accept the idea of a divine identity any further: Jews, especially old devotees have a firm belief that the Saviour has a purpose for them and the current circumstance is only an obstacle that one must overcome to receive the ultimate gift from God, “God is testing us. He wants to see whether we are capable of overcoming our base instincts, of killing the Satan within ourselves… And if He punishes us mercilessly, it is a sign that He loves us that much more…”This very idea gave the Jewish devotees sufficient determination to keep themselves motivated throughout a grim period of history. This boost of determination showed Eliezer the importance of pertinence in God even through hardships and futile situations. As the novel progresses, the Jew’s perseverance were put to test by the Nazi orchestrators through starvation, harsh punishments and death. But
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