Analysis Of The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Around the world, people know of holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s day, or Christmas. However, there is a magical place where not everyone knows of such things, they just know what is around them. Screenwriter Caroline Thompson allows for others to see a new look at how the holidays are in their “world.” For example, Thompson describes how a scary skeleton embarks on a journey and learns of another holiday that is completely different from his world. Edward Ivory is the main voiceover of the Thompson’s 2014 20/20 winner The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jon Reeves). Ivory is given the role of Santa, who is the man to save the day after Jack Skellington, Chris Sarandon, decides to take over Christmas and ruins it all together (Jon Reeves). Jack is bored of being the ruler of Halloweenland and goes off on a melancholy walk, not realizing where he is going. He comes upon a group of doors that are for all the Holidays, and becomes intrigued by all the different lands, this is where the disaster starts. As Jack goes along in the story, he becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of Christmas, and begins to destroy all that is set in order. The Nightmare Before Christmas shows why things should stay the way they are, and why disrupting the order of things will cause chaos. In the beginning of Act I everyone in town is happy after having completed the Halloween song. The song sets the scene for the entire movie, showing that this town is all about the Halloween
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