Analysis Of The Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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1984 Book Report The novel “1984” by George Orwell is a highly praised and influential work in the dystopian genre. Since its release in 1949, its themes have been admired by many, and its world an alarming insight into a seemingly foreign, but very possible situation. The story is set in London, in the fictional superstate of Oceania, and more specifically “Airstrip one”, (formerly the British Isles). The main character, Winston Smith, is a member of the Outer Party, which makes up half of the Party that runs the government of Oceania, along with the Inner Party, who are more involved in the Party and are subject to more information than those of the Outer Party. He is employed by the Ministry of Truth, where he destroys evidence of the…show more content…
Winston is walking down the hall of his apartment the next day when he approaches the woman. He suspects that she is a spy for the Thought Police, and believes he has been found out when the woman trips and falls and when Winston helps her up, she slips a piece of paper in his hand reading, “I love you”. The two would later have an affair confessing their hatred of the party to each other. They rent an unoccupied room above Mr. Charrington’s shop, not containing a telescreen, in which they spend a majority of their time together. Winston’s lover Julia is employed by The Ministry of Truth along with Winston. Later in their relationship, Winston becomes frustrated by Julia’s lack of concentration and interest in his ideas and comments. Some weeks later Winston is approached O’Brien and they decide to plan a meeting at O’Brien’s apartment. When the date comes, winston goes with Julia, and O’Brien explains the Brotherhood, to which both Winston and Julia pledge their allegiance. O’Brien plans a drop-off in which Winston receives a copy of “The Book”, an explanation of the motos and behaviors, such as perpetual war and the Party motos, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, WAR IS PEACE, and FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. Winston is reading the book to Julia in Mr. Charrington’s room, when they are barged in upon by Thought Police officials. They reveal the Telescreen concealed by a painting of St. Clement’s Church.
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