Analysis Of The Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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In the novel “1984” by George Orwell, Winston wants to keep the humanity that so many people have lost. He sees everyone as robots controlled by the government that can no longer think for themselves, or remember any of the past before Big Brother came into power. Within the novel it seems as if people lose their humanity, but this poses the question what is humanity? Humanity can work both with and against the government, humans can be forced to believe the ideas of the government, and the power of fear or love in a government that tries to reject humanity. Humanity worked with the government in Oceana because everyone believed in Big Brother as well as his ideas. Although, they were not given much choice with the monitors always watching them. One example is when they decided to change allies within the war. Nobody questions the fact that just seconds before they were on a whole different side (180). Due to the citizens need to feel loved by the government they all were embarrassed by their signs and instantly changed sides. Another instance was towards the end when Winston was being tortured due to his betrayal of the government. Had Winstons fear of rats never existed the government would have no way of torturing him (283). They use the humanity to keep them scared enough to follow the parties rules. Humanity can also hurt the government. The biggest example of that was Winston and Julia. First off Winston knows exactly what he is doing when he purchases the diary.
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