Analysis Of The Novel 'A Separate Peace' By John Knowles

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In chapter nine of the novel A Separate Peace written by John Knowles, Gene begins by describing that he started to believe Finny's theory about fat old men causing rumors about war. The war seemed even more unrealistic to Gene now that Leper decided to enlist. Leper’s choice to enlist rather than wait a few weeks to be drafted had to do with being able to pick his service instead of being assigned to one. Brinker, Gene, and Chet wondered if Leper could be heroic, however Finny decided to stay out of the jokes. They also wonder if they can ever measure up to the standards of the war. Since a typical Saturday at Devon is usually boring, Finny decided to start the discussion of planning a Winter Carnival that everyone would volunteer to lead…show more content…
Maybe his theory of the fat old men creating rumors had to do with his incapability of enlisting or being drafted, causing him to not want his best friend to leave him. Enlisting rather than being drafted seemed to be Leper’s preference. He knew that being drafted meant being assigned to a service but enlisting meant he could choose. His sudden departure caused everyone to forget that he was gone. Gene received a telegram from him at the carnival saying, “I have escaped and need help. I am at Christmas location. You understand. No need to risk address here. My safety depends on you coming at once. (signed) Your Best Friend, Elwin Leper Lepellier” (Knowles 137). After reading the message from Leper, I was curious as to how and why he escaped. I also did not know where he escaped from. Was he captured? Did he possibly just run away from the base? For some reason, I have a feeling that Leper regretted his decision in enlisting instead of waiting the few weeks to be drafted. The Christmas location was a place that Gene was supposed to know. The telegram that Leper sent to Gene seemed strange since Leper was not discussed as one of Gene’s closer fiends; he was always aloof to the other characters in the book. Signing the telegram as “your best friend” (Knowles 137) was peculiar to me in addition to the secret location Leper and Gene knew. Irony was portrayed when the most peaceful student at The Devon School left to enlist in
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