Analysis Of The Novel Adirondack Sundown

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Alexis O’Dell
Mr. Mucilli/Mr. Simonds
24 October 2017 Adirondack Sundown Essay

The Adirondack Park is a significant location in the novel Adirondack Sundown. Graham Scott and Sarah Waters were picnicking one day at Rockwood State Forest when Graham suddenly had to go back to work, Sarah stayed behind to take pictures of the scenery and then, she was abducted. Many places in the Adirondacks are very significant to the story. Some places in the Adirondack Park that are in the novel are Kane Mountain, Rockwood State Forest and Old Forge.
South of the Adirondack Park is where Kane Mountain is located. Kane Mountain was formed by glaciers during the ice age. The mountain is between several lakes, including Pine Lake and Canada Lake. The hike to the top of Kane Mountain is moderate in difficulty. There are many trails that exist. The most commonly used trail is the East trail departing from Green Lake Road.
Kane Mountain plays a significant role in the novel because a character named Kane Johnson, who abducted Sarah, and his sister Caroga lived here. The Kane Mountain Observation Station played a huge role in the novel also.
The Kane Mountain Fire Observation Station is a historic location on Kane Mountain at Caroga Lake in Fulton County, New York. The station includes a 60-foot-tall, steel-frame lookout tower erected in 1925, an observer’s cabin built about 1960, and foot trail. The tower and trail are contributing resources. The tower is a prefabricated structure built by the Aermotor Corporation and provided a front line of defense in preserving the Adirondack Forest Preserve from the hazards of forest fires. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.
The 858-acre Rockwood State Forest is located in Fulton County just south of the Adirondack Blue Line between NY 29, NY 10A and NY 10. There are nearly five miles of old roads that are used for cross country skiing in the winter as well as hiking the rest of the year. The main feature of this state forest is the scenic Rockwood Lake, located off the North Loop Road Trail. The state land is used for water quality protection, recreation, wildlife habitat and timber production. Some characteristics of Rockwood would include, Hiking,

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