Analysis Of The Novel ' Arrow Of God '

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Two main characters share similar traits from their respective stories, one as a quasi-ruler of an African hamlet and another as a solider fighting killer robots. In Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe, Ezeulu is the chief priest of a set of villages in Africa that is slowly assimilated by British colonists into European ways of life. Second Variety by Phillip K. Dick, is a 1950s science fiction story about a military-man named Major Joseph Hendricks who deals with man-made robots taking over the remnants of humanity on Earth (Carrere 20). The two pieces of literature both share the same types of conflicts of Person vs. Self and Person vs. Person, as the characters struggle to find a solution in their new situations. They also share similar types of archetypes that are typical of flawed heroes: making a choice, being dethroned as an authority figure, and having an untimely death because of a tragic flaw (Myss 7). The two main characters are good examples of stoics who accept unlucky circumstances, while they face off against hedonists who are only looking to pleasure themselves. Second Variety and Arrow of God start to share similar themes of storytelling, however, by how their respective heroes deal with personal and interpersonal conflicts. Major Hendricks and Ezeulu face major problems in their fictional lives, which led them to have conflicting emotions on what actions to take. Ezeulu in Arrow of God is torn between converting his son, Oduche, to Christianity or to instead
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