Analysis Of The Novel ' Black Boy '

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The Novel, “Black boy” focuses on the struggle for a talented black boy in the south. The author writes about a young black boy growing up as an African American in the Jim Crow era, characterizing economic and social hardships that were typical for African Americans in the south. The main character, “Richard,” suffers more than the average black southern guy due to his family circumstances and his strong willed personality. He uses free writing to release himself from racial prejudice he faces daily. Richard faces extreme hardship due to his family not being able to provide simple things such as love, acceptance, and security. When Richard was young, he was playing with fire by the curtains and ended up burning his houses down. Nathan, Richard’s father, ends up leaving the family as the main provider for another family. Richard and Ella, Richard’s mom, became dirt poor, which lead to them starving some nights. Due to his mother working excessive hours, Richard became an alcoholic at age 6. His mom eventually became sick and couldn’t work or provide for Richard and his little brother. Ella moves to Arkansas with her well off sister, Maggie, whose husband runs a popular saloon. Richard appreciates the limitless food until jealous white men kill Maggie’s husband, which leads to Richard, Ella and Maggie fleeing Arkansas. Maggie eventually fell in love again and left Ella and Richard alone all again. Ella gets terribly sick and moves in with Richard’s grandmother. Richard
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