Analysis Of The Novel 'Bless Me Ultima'

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Life is full of cohesive decisions, nothing makes the facile. But the worst ones are your personal koans and tormenting ambivalence is just the sense of satori rising. Eventually allowing a new sense of understanding and openmindness towards life greatest questions. Throughout this novel Bless Me Ultima B: Rodolfo Anaya Antonio is gradually tormented by his conflicting ideals directly caused by the deaths of three figures. Each death has Antonio slowly…show more content…
As stated in the novel (Anaya Page 22) “ It was to be said after one made his confession to the priest, and as the last prayer before death. Did God listen? Would he hear? And where was Lupito’s soul winging to? “. This proves to be a pivotal moment in the novel the backbone to the questions that cling on to Antonio soul like an anchor that gradually drowns him in his search for answers to his paradoxical questions. He starts to question God and whether he would forgive Lupito’s actions or send his soul to an eternity of damnation. This is a key aspect to evaluate as he starts to question authority of the all supreme ruler which is ever so impressive coming from somebody as young as Antonio who is still naïve and gullible to what the Catholic church tells him. Another example of how death played a pivotal role in shaping his religious ambivalence we must look at the death of Narciso. To give some perspective on to why Narciso death was so devastating for Antonio we must first look at another character named Tenorio. The dynamic between Tenorio and Narciso is the classic Good vs Evil matchup. Tenorio is introduced as the father of the town witches who cast a curse on Antonio’s Uncle. To make a long story short after the events of the curse transpire one of Tenorio’s daughters die and casts the blame on Ultima he starts to become consumed by hate and it sets him on a path of vengeance. Narciso is far from the model hero having been cast in the
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