Analysis Of The Novel ' Esperanza Rising '

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Foiled, Again: Exploring Literary Character Devices in Esperanza Rising
In the novel, Esperanza Rising written by Pam Munoz Ryan, character foil is a valuable literary device the author uses to add to and deepen the plot of narrative which illuminates the unique plight of Mexican-American laborers during the Great Depression. Commonly used in character development to draw attention to the disparities between two natures that have diverse values and independent goals; the foil is not always the relationship between protagonist and antagonist, in fact, it not always the antagonist. The use of foil can also be applied to several characters at once, as well as, dialogue, locations, imageries, relationships, and a host of other possibilities. The main purpose is to establish a principal character essential to the plot that enables the author to highlight specific characteristics in the main character. The literary device can be used to underscore opposite qualities in major characters such as good versus bad and because they are counterparts, it’s easier for readers to notice their attributes; it can also highlight the similarities amongst them. “The term “foil” came into its current usage as a literary device from the concept of putting tin foil behind a gemstone to make it look more brilliant. The foil character works in the same way—to make the protagonist seem more incredible, or, adversely, to make his or her faults more obvious” as exhibited between the characterizations of…
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