Analysis Of The Novel ' Night '

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Adrian Tineo Peacock 274 25 Sept. 2015 Night The novel “Night” is a vivid representation of a man’s loss of faith from the beginning to the end of the catastrophic era in which this book takes place. As a young boy Elie’s inquisitive mind directed him to the synagogue where he would study the Kabbalah’s revelations and mysteries. Here is where “Moishe the beadle,” a friend to Elie, would sit with him in the synagogue and they would talk for hours about the intriguing secrets of Jewish mysticism. One important piece of advice that Moishe told Elie was, “There are a thousand and one gates allowing entry into the orchard of the mystical truth.” This simply meant he would need to pursue these answers on his own. However, Elie believed Moishe would help him bind his questions and answers as well, into one. These meetings were interrupted when Moishe was extracted from the Sighet where he experienced malice. He then returned to Sighet after being left for dead and managing to escape from the Gestapo. Moishe witnessed atrocious behavior that affected him profoundly. When he returned, he was not the same person, the vitality in his eyes had perished. He told everyone what he had seen, but no one would pay attention to his words. Even after hearing Moishe’s words of warning they labeled him “mad.” Not convinced of the stories Moishe spoke of, their normal lives kept on. This indicates that the Jews refused to acknowledge what fate had laid ahead. Spring 1944, by government
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