Analysis Of The Novel ' Southland ' By Nina Revoyr

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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” (Henry Ford). In the novel Southland by Nina Revoyr, due to the injustices and struggles that characters face, they are forced to come together in the face of adversity and times of conflict in order to achieve their vision of the American Dream. With Los Angeles set as the stage, we as readers are taken through a series of trials and tribulations during the 1940s to 1990s, which uncover the true characteristics of the city instead of the ideal city that was promised to those who migrated. Los Angeles was depicted as the city of Sunshine, and a new land of opportunity, and although you could find glimpses of the sunshine through the shadows, there was much more negativity than one expected.
The novel stands to be a representation of how the difference in gender and ethnicities can play a huge role in the actions and perceptions of people within a society. Southland uncovers LA’s separated social structure in which the residents turned to be governed in accordance to their differences. Whether one was of an Asian, white or African American descent, they were all treated in accordance to their characteristics. Characters often find themselves defined by what they look like rather than by who they are. It is a never ending cycle of how more than often, the characteristics of one determines in what ways they are treated and how they treat others.
Nick Lawson is a character introduced by…
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