Analysis Of The Novel ' White Noise ' By Don Delillo

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Death Conquers All
The novel White Noise by Don DeLillo is an phenomenal book for our time. It is a exceptional book to study because it explores many themes such as the fear of death and the tension between reality and artifice, both of which the main character Jack experiences and has challenges with throughout the novel. Consequently, DeLillo also attempts to establish a connection between the reader and the novel by creating these themes that are relatable and complex, yet easily and widely understood. While many of the events that take place in the novel may not actually happen to us, they can be put into situational categories that we may experience, and the way the characters respond to them is what makes them easily relatable. There are passages in the text that clearly represent these themes and the relationship that Jack possesses with them. In the passage studied on page 91, it exemplifies the themes of the novel while only using part of one scene to do so. I argue that this scene clearly exemplifies the conflicting belief in both the novel and in our world of whether or not we have control over our lives and our futures; the way the characters in the book greatly possess the fear of death; and how by altering their perception of reality, they attempt to escape this fear. There is a debate both in the real world and within the novel, do we have control over our future? This has been studied by so many and numerous philosophies have arisen from it. Some believe we

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