Analysis Of The Novel ' Wicked Girl '

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The novel begins with a passionate scene in which the narrator and his lover embrace each other. Afterwards, he admires her as she is, comparing their peaceful bodies lying beside each other to the subjects of a Renaissance painting or a photograph. Whenever he imagines them he pictures them forever frozen in time, as they are now, and at that moment he asks her for a story, a story made just for him. “Two Words”: Belisa Crepusculario makes her way through life travelling the country and selling words. Belisa is approached by El Mulato who brings her to his camp where The Colonel requests she write a speech to make him President. She uses her knowledge and skill to craft a brilliant speech, and she gives him a gift of two special words. The Colonel campaigns successfully for three months, but the two words haunt him. El Mulato brings Belisa back to the Colonel, but his eyes soften when he sees her and the men realize her spell will never break. “Wicked Girl”: Elena Mejías is a young girl who falls for José Bernal, the Nightingale, one of the tenants of her mother’s boarding house. He enters an affair with her mother but Elena lusts after him. Elena tries to make him embrace her, but he shoves her off, calling her a wicked girl. Elena is sent to live with nuns, attends college, and gets a job. Bernal marries her mother but now lusts after Elena. When Elena returns one day, he expresses his feelings and his desire to reconcile with her, but she has completely forgotten what…
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