Analysis Of The Nunnery Scene In Hamlet

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The Nunnery Scene: During this scene, Hamlet is being spied on by Polonius through his interactions with Ophelia to test if Hamlet is mad for her love. However, Hamlet loses his mind when Ophelia rejects him and proceeds by telling Ophelia, “Get thee to a nunnery” (3.1.121). The director uses a variety of camera angles and shots to successfully portrait his interpretations. For example, when Hamlet and Ophelia first meet each other in the scene, the camera angle is showing Hamlet in one side of the hallway and Ophelia in the other. The director is trying to show that they contrast each other as perhaps Hamlet represents reality and Ophelia represents appearance. Ophelia is pretending to not love Hamlet as she is ordered by Polonius to reject his love. However, Hamlet later finds out that Ophelia is being used by Polonius thus he finds out the truth. The director decided to add a noise during Hamlet’s interaction with Ophelia to raise Hamlet’s suspicion of being spied on. Thus Hamlet asks, “Where’s your father?” (3.1.131) however, in the book, there is no stage direction indicating that anything happened that caused Hamlet to ask this. Branagh improvises well to interpret a different idea of how this event happens. Lastly, after Hamlet leaves Ophelia, the director chooses to have a camera angle pointing down at Ophelia as she lies on the ground. This emphasizes that Ophelia is feeling inferior after being insulted by Hamlet. Furthermore, she feels guilty for rejecting Hamlet

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