Analysis Of ' The Odyssey ' By Homer

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A person 's response to hardships can reveal the true nature and characteristics of that person. In “The Odyssey” by Homer both Odysseus and Penelope each face their own hardships.
Odysseus left his home for a ten year war and took another ten years to return home. Penelope after not knowing where her husband is, has had to deal with the suitors trying to win her over. They both use similar traits and characteristics to overcome their hardships, but the one thing overall that connects Penelope and Odysseus is their passion. Odysseus longs to get home to Ithaca and to his family; Penelope also longs for Odysseus to return and unite their family and reclaim their household. The
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Penelope shows a similar loyalty to some of her disloyal servants by letting them continue to be a part of their household even after they have been sleeping with suitors. This loyalty to each other inspires Odysseus and Penelope to do what they need to do to reunite their family. Odysseus and Penelope both use cunning and clever characteristics; Odysseus uses these characteristics to return home while Penelope uses those characteristics to extend the choice of a suitor. Odysseus shows his cleverness when dealing with the cyclops Polyphemus. He tells the Polyphemus that his name is Nobody, so later when he blinds the Cyclops , Polyphemus screams, “Nobody’s killing me now by fraud and not by force!” (The Odyssey 9:455) so the other cyclopes paid no attention to him. This demonstrates Odysseus’ cleverness and ability to think his way out of situations. Penelope also possesses this skill of cleverness when attempting to keep the suitors away. Penelope weaves a shroud in Odysseus’ honor and she tells the suitors she can not choose one amongst them until she finishes weaving. However, what the suitors do not realize immediately is that Penelope is undoing the weave every night to stall as long as she can in hopes her husband will return. One of the suitors even refers to Penelope as “ the matchless queen of cunning” (The Odyssey 2:95). Penelope is just as cunning and clever as Odysseus, but it 's because of her
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