Analysis Of ' The Odyssey ' By Homer

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The ancient civilization tells a story of things that have happen in a world of their own. The plot consists of very powerful demigods, heroic warriors, supernatural beings, and the mistreatment of women. Many believe that women have been overlooked and disrespected in this world for years. The irrelevance of these women was a part of the Greek life. In the epic poem, “The Odyssey” by Homer, Penelope becomes a different person when she is brought into a time where women are taken control of more than anyone else in the Greek world. During this epic story, Penelope becomes a person of her own and not just someone that is focused on the hard times that she faces as well as her husband being gone for a long period of time. “Yes she’s in…show more content…
When Penelope is recognized as a very faithful wife, Agamemnon talks about his wife and says that Penelope is the lover of her own heart. Agamemnon’s wife who was the adulteress, attempted to stab the lord and her king. He talks about how important it is to be faithful and how faithfulness is the best quality that a wife could have in a relationship. “It is like a woman indeed/to take rapture before the fact is shown for true they believe too easily, are too quick to shift from ground to ground; and swift indeed the rumor voiced by a woman dies again”(Homer, pg. 451). Penelope struggles a little bit and goes through a tough time without her husband for twenty years. She lived her life alone without a man in the house. As Agamemnon socializes with other women and spends his time focusing on other things, his wife searches for another man that she can go to when she needs help. After twenty years, Penelope is still faithful and keeps he loyalty to her husband. The two wives of the warriors are very different from each other, one is unpredictable, and the other one is faithful and loyal. As time passes, Penelope stays strong and finds a way to take care of herself without the presence of Odysseus. Penelope faces challenging obstacles that require strength, but she doesn’t have Odysseus to help her with the jobs. She is left with a son that she has to raise on her own without a father in his life. Odysseus isn’t able to spend time raising his son because he is fighting in

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