Analysis Of ' The Odyssey '

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Shane Nordquist
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response 1: The Odyssey, being an epic poem is likely to include several typical examples of personalities we are used to seeing. As epic poems often do, the Odyssey describes the Greek view of many of these core archetypes. Odysseus being demonstrated as the hero shows us the Greek value of heroism through his wonderful feats, and his downfalls, his sheer prowess, but also his flaws. In the Greek society, as in any, it is clearly evident that the hero would be strong, or possess impressive physical ability. Odysseus is on exception, as he performed many feats of physical strength. To cite one specifically, as said by our teacher, Ms. Douglass, Odysseus tieing his men to the underbelly of the gargantuan sheep is already quite the task, but holding himself upside down, over the night is requiring more than just strength. The amount of both willpower and strength required to perform such a task is rather unrealistic, but to the Greeks this is an example of what made Odysseus the epic hero he is, not only his overbearing physical strength and ability, but the mental strength to hold there for an entire night.

Odysseus is not only heroic because of his strengths physically. In fact, in some cases Odysseus has proven himself to possibly be even stronger mentally than he may be physically. Odysseus is not just smart, he is also cunning. One example of the cunning would be in chapter 13, where he coaxes Athena into revealing…

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