Analysis Of ' The Odyssey '

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Symbolization of Temptation If you think about it there isn’t a day in your life that goes by without facing some kind of temptation. Temptation can be our biggest weakness, and I think that in Odysseus’s case it was his. In The Odyssey, Homer uses the siren scene to symbolize temptation in different ways. It represents how temptation can come in many different ways; and it can control us no matter how much we know that it is wrong to give in. In The Odyssey, temptation came to Odysseus and his crew from the sirens. This scene displays how temptation looks, sounds, and how it makes you act. First, it portrays how temptation looks. As Circe explains to Odysseus the sirens, she warned him “The sirens’ lucid song will so enchant him as they lie along their meadow. Round about them lie heaped bones and shriveled skin of putrefying men”, When she says this she describes what temptation looks like to almost everyone. “The sirens’ lucid songs”, looks on the outside, sweet, inviting, and harmless. On the other hand, which is the part people seem to not want to pay attention to, Circe describes, “Round about them lie heaped bones”; the consequences you have when you give into temptation and also the consequences many men had who followed the sirens. Just like the sirens song, temptation can come in any form in our life. It could be something as simple as food; even though we know we should not eat something bad, its taste overpowers us. We think that eating just one will

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