Analysis Of The Original Name Of Boldflash Inc.

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The original name of BoldFlash Inc. was BoldDisk. BoldFlash was founded by two scientific professors in Waltham in 1982. The company produces flash memory components for electronic devices like floppy disks, mp3 players, and smartphones for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and direct to consumer markets. Basically, the company produces computer storage media products. The company have its headquarters in Shanghai, Austin & Ontario. The revenue generated by company is about $3.9 billion which is of this year only. The industrial revenue of BoldFlash is 19.5% out of the total company’s revenue.
Smartphone Manufactures are the biggest clients of BoldFlash. So the mobile division department is the one department which
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BoldFlash is long way behind from its competitor and because of its poor performance recently and low product development the morale of employees is very low. But the main problem company is confronting is internal that is intra-departmental issues. No reasonable part and power is seen by the directors and administrators of the organization. This clearly demonstrates lack of experience and ambiguous understanding of objectives and goals. BoldFlash is confronting inaccessibility problem at work which is due to ineffective communication problem. They are under the illusion that there is no problem within their areas of expertise that is their departments and divisions. Due to their top-down approach they are facing failure in conveying challenges.
Company issues are leading to breakdown the team collaboration and communication platform within the organization. The innovative practices fade due to useless conflicts between the functional teams. They have failed in leading diverse department through storming stage. In order to solve these organizational issues an appropriate authoritative structure is required which can help in keeping up a superior strong group and division.
Key Stakeholders:
The key stakeholders in the BOLDFlash internal business process can be categorized into specific groups such as Directors, R&D Managers, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Technical Support Team and Customers.
Directors: To increase organizational productivity
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