Analysis Of The Original Version Of Java

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History of Java. In 1991, Sun Microsystems has a project to develop a program which is designed for interactive televisions such as cable boxes. Then they started a team called Green and wanted to develop in such a way it could run on any hardware devices, should be hardware independent. Under the supervision on James Gosling the green team able to develop and named as OAK. Since the name OAK was already existed in programming language, they finally named it as JAVA. Since there is a huge popularity for java their focus reflects to web applications, which has became a major hit in today’s market. Currently there are 2 versions of java, the original version of JDK (java development kit) was 1.0 now they is another version which is being used it is 1.1. Ever since programming languages was introduced there have been some issues or problems with each and every programming language from low lever programming language BASIC to high level language C and C++. As there should be so many enhancements to be made in each of those programming languages, engineers from Sun Microsystems wanted to develop a new environment and to implement new art of programming language with should be simple, efficient, durable, portable, powerful, well secure and easy to understand. When java was designed it was a programming language later-on due to its easy, simple and flexible nature it was designed for web applications as well. Features of Java: Java is almost “Object Oriented Language” which it

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