Analysis Of The Owner Of Biddy 's Tea House And Crossantarie

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INTERNAL LEGAL MEMORANDUM STATEMENT OF FACTS: The parties in this case include Bitty Baker the owner of Biddy’s Tea House and Crossantarie. The other party is an employee Natalie Attired. The action that is bringing these parties to court is Natalie got a full-sleeve tattoo and Biddy Baker wanted her to remove the tattoo or she would be fired since the tattoo is visible with the uniform and the older clientele would be disgusted by it. Natalie Attired is seeking unemployment compensation benefits. Natalie began working at Biddy’s in May 2009 as a waitress. Biddy’s evaluates employee’s performances every three months. Natalie has four evaluations. These evaluations show Natalie continuing to improve in her performance. Natalie was never written up for performance issues. There is no employee handbook or written policy about employee conduct or appearance. In June 2010 Natalie got a full-sleeve tattoo that covered her entire right arm from her shoulder to her elbow. The tattoo was partially covered by her uniform although lower part of the tattoo was visible when Natalie wore the short sleeve uniform. Biddy Baker was upset about the tattoo and asked Natalie to remove the tattoo or she would be fired. Natalie did not remove the tattoo and worked the rest of the week and was given a termination notice on Friday. Natalie filed for unemployment compensation July 2010. The claim was denied by the New Mexico Employment Security Board, because they stated that Natalie was fired
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