Analysis Of The Painting ' Cathedral Street '

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The painting “Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo” 56x29 cm was painted by Jeffery Smart. Jeffery Smart was born in Adelaide South Australia in 1921, he attended the South Australia School of Arts & Crafts, and he finished school in 1941. He had travelled and studied in Europe from 1948 to 1950. Smart was involved in many things such as making the Australia radio and television program the “ Argonauts’’ and also took a role in a program under the pseudonyms “ Phidias” , he as a writer for the Daily Telegraph newspaper as an art critic. He lived in Italy in 1963, he’s into fine arts, he sees painting as a form of incarnation and a spirit man made in the world, “I am trying to paint the real world I live, as beautifully as I can with my own…show more content…
There’s only one figure in this painting and it’s a lady sitting on her chair crossed legged at the left side near the door, she is the main subject matter. There is half painted window on the right side; the window has red Curtin’s. Secondary colours and a bit of primary have been used, the wall of the house is mixed colours greyish and pinkish, the door is blue, and the boxes one is red and the other green.

The pathway is dark grey. The lady’s clothes are purple; she’s also wearing pink shoes. In image B ( ‘Nighthawks’) there are Three customers sitting in a restaurant named Phillie’s with one server unlike image A , the figures are the subject matters , these figures are three males and one female siting on the beach in the cafe , the one of them the opposite directions to other two customers while the cafe worker serves them drinks. The cafe is an organic shaped, buildings are at the opposite side of the cafe. The name of the cafe is on top of the cafe’s building the letters are bold and delicate. There are chairs around the bench in the cafe. Image A & B have windows, doors in their paintings. Both of them also have secondary colours. Image B’s use of colours is different to image A’s , image B has neutral colours , because the painting is night time the artist used darker colours , on the left side of the painting , where a building is the colour dark red runs across the building , which pops out and
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