Analysis Of The Painting Two Women Of The Woods By Vincent Van Gogh

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On November 2013, at an auction in New York City, the painting “Two women in the woods” by Vincent Van Gogh, a famous Dutch artist in expressionism and impressionism, was sold at the price of $689,000 (Lot: 17 VINCENT VAN GOGH, 2013; Van Gogh, 2008). Besides, “Silent Majority”, a painting by Banksy, an English graffiti artist, was brought to the auction in Paris and its recent price has reached £445,792, which is roughly at $676,000 (Banksy, 2014; Banksy 's Silent Majority fetches more than £445k in Paris, 2015). As they are clearly seen, the prices for the two paintings are about the same, which is interesting because one is obviously a well-known artist all over the world, whereas the other one is known for his graffiti paintings, which is also considered to be an act of vandalism all along the walls in England. Therefore, what graffiti actually is and why there are two different perspectives on the characteristics of graffiti is a cute issue. This essay will oppose the idea that graffiti is vandalism by demonstrating two main points. First, graffiti is a type of art, and last but not least, graffiti can help develop the economic as well as the job opportunities for lower income class. Graffiti is more and more widely known and considered art. First of all, what is the definition of art? Aristotle (300s B.C.E), a famous Greek philosopher, acknowledged that art is “the realization in external form of a true idea, and is traced back to that natural love of imitation, which

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