Analysis Of The Paschal Mystery And Saint Angela Merici

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Around the world, the Catholic faith is celebrated daily in similar and different ways. The Catholic Church throughout the world shares the same liturgy and arrangement but each Church interprets the Gospel differently. Whether it be the music, art located the church, symbols, or the delivery of the message, all services provide a different feeling. The Paschal Mystery is always remembered and portrayed during mass. My home Parish, Saint Angela Merici has a tall building with a very plain look to it but our priests are very skilled and tend to never disappoint. Servite’s service was long and overextended due to the Friars being representative to the Servite order. The two celebrations run similarly but also have contrasts because of diversities within the church and its attendants. At Saint Angela Merici (SAM), there are 4 columns of wooden pews and a main altar constructed from granite. Above the altar is a floating crucifix with Christ on the cross. Along the walls of the church are art pieces depicting the stations of the cross. In contrast, Servite’s mass is held in a theater with multiple rows of individual seats. The altar appears to be a folding table with a cloth covering the legs. SAM has a very plain interior design, with two statues. One statue is of Mary and the other is of Joseph. Due to Servite’s emphasis on respecting Mary, there is only one statue which is of Mary. SAM’s exterior is very tall and narrow while Servite’s theater looks like any other theater
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