Analysis Of The Past And Present Stock Market

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Analysis of the Past and Present Stock Market The stock market has been the basis of finance in America for over a century, but it was a long road for the modern stock exchange. Trading profits and portions of companies have been a part of making money for hundreds of years, which then lead to the formation of the current complex system of trading, biding, selling and buying on the trading floor. Throughout history the intricate stock market system has become the staple of American and global economics. The idea of the stock market was born in the 1300s when moneylenders in Europe traded debts in order to unburden themselves from risky loans. These lenders first traded within themselves then individual customers, which resulted in the first investors. The Venetians led this movement with the idea to trade internationally between governments. They became the first modern brokers when they started carrying around slates with stock information to meetings (Beattie). The first actual stock exchange dates back to 1531 in Antwerp, Belgium. Moneylenders and brokers in Antwerp would trade in individual and government debt in the form promissory notes and bonds. Although these primitive exchanges did not use actual stocks this was the basis of all future stock exchanges (Beattie). In the 1600s the Dutch, British, and French governments gave charters to the East India companies. These East India Companies looked for investors willing to put up money for a voyage in
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