Analysis Of The Philosophical Views Of The Other Presented By Emmanuel Levinas

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Assignment: Final Paper the Other

Nancy Barahona
National University
Philosophy 337
August 1, 2015
Professor Martin Gomez

In looking at the philosophical views of the Other presented by Emmanuel Levinas we will consider whether we act strictly for the good of others without investing any self interest in what we do or do we do what we desire most at the end of the day; however, we will find many of our daily interactions including working, caring for another and just basic interactions are all done in self interest not in the interest of the Other. According to Rosenstand (2013) Levinas explains the Other as a term seen in philosophy about a person who is different from oneself; it is when one is facing something or someone that one is fundamentally unfamiliar with. (Rosenstand, 2013, p. 82) He goes onto explain that this stranger can be a person of a different sex or race or even someone who has different experiences than oneself. Levinas sees the bottom line of all human existence as the encounter with the Other. (Rosenstand, 2013, p. 513) When people meet people they will more often than not meet someone who is different from them. They will be a different color. A different sex. A different social class. It will be someone who has grown up in a different environment than them. And instinct will set in and one will try to change the Other; they will perceive that they are helping the Other but really they are helping themselves. One person will

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