Analyzing A Piece Of Writing By Jessica Statsky

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1.In the piece of writing by Jessica Statsky, she writes about children 's sports and how they should not be competitive. In making this claim she uses certain evidence to make her point valid. In one of her pieces of evidence she uses states that, "That a twelve-year-old trying to throw a curve ball, for example, may put abnormal strain on developing arm and shoulder muscles, sometimes resulting in lifelong injuries: (Statsky, 350). From this evidence Statsky is trying to make the claim that sports are hurting children and could put a risk on their bodies and the development of their bodies, if they put too much strain on themselves. Another piece of information Stasky uses says, "The kids get so scared. They get hit once and they don 't wont anything to do with football anymore. They 'll sit on the bench and pretend their leg hurts" (Stasky, 350). In the evidence that Stasky uses is good, but it is not very ordinary situations that occur. She also does not provide any personal experience to go along with her writing. Which in the end, would make the paper sound better and let the audience know that she has her own experiences with playing sports at a young age. 2.In Christine Romano 's assessment on Stasky 's work start off fairly well. She gives her credit where credit is deserved. Not to long after that is when she starts to critize Stasky and her weaknesses. One of the points that Romano makes says, "Stasky 's argument is also incomplete in that it fails to
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