Analysis Of The Pigman

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The Pigman written by Paul Zindel is based on two teenagers lives, it shows both of their perspectives throughout the book. The genre of this book is young adult fiction, which is targeted for teenagers. The Pigman was published in 1968, when Paul was only 32 years old. The book went on to win a total of eight awards, being Paul's second book to win any awards. There are many characters mentioned throughout the book, but the most important ones are John Conlan, Lorraine Jensen and Angelo Pignati. John and Lorraine find themselves to be bored often, they wish to find excitement, in search of that they meet Angelo Pignati. John Conlan comes from a family where there are many problems, his dad was an alcoholic but stopped drinking because he was diagnosed with an illness. John started drinking when he was younger, his dad would put on a show with John drinking when he was younger. John aspires to be an actor but his father doesn’t seem to think its idealistic. Lorraine moved into Johns neighborhood at the start of her freshman year with her mother. Her mother made Lorraine become insecure with all of the comments she makes towards her like “you’re not pretty” causing Lorraine to be self conscious. Lorraine likes to read and one day wants to be a writer. Angelo or The Pigman is a older man who lives by himself and is often quite lonely due to his wife dying. He likes to believe that one day his wife will come back from vacation with her friends in California, that is what he
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