Analysis Of The Plastic Pink Flamingo

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In sprawling suburbs across America, lies the remnants of a different era. In those few houses left relatively untouched and never remodeled, one can see the markings of the 1950s, an era of kitchens and bathrooms decorated in a monochrome of Hot Pink, just like the plastic pink lawn flamingos. In her essay, Jenniffer Price discusses the history of the flamingos in the United States and uses them as a symbol of America’s culture. Through her use of diction and imagery in the essay “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History”, Jennifer Price characterizes American Culture as materialistic.
Jennifer Price uses diction to characterize American Culture as materialistic and thoughtless in her first and second paragraphs. To add color to her first paragraph, Price uses a variety of words including “splashed”, “boldness”, “flocking”, “pizzaz” and “playful”. This word choice characterizes the flamingos, and through comparison, American society as valuing glamour and consequently, wealth. In describing the new plastic flamingos Price even goes as far as to describe flamingos as “synonymous with wealth”, and the middle class as “eager” to enjoy the flamingo culture, associated with wealth. She aids her characterization by calling the flamingos “souvenirs”, pointless chotskies that a person brings home to show off and display their wealth. She contrasts this with the irony that flamingos in America had already gone extinct by the nineteenth century. While describing this extinction,
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