Analysis Of The Play ' After Seeing Mary Stuart '

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I was really looking forward to watching this play after seeing Mary Stuart. I came into the play only knowing that the play was about couples. I liked coming into to the play not really knowing what to expect from the storyline. I thought that the play was going to be about the couples interacting more with one another as opposed to interacting in the individual couples. Since the play is named cul-de-sac I assumed that there would be more interaction from the “cul-de-sac” all-together other than the few awkward encounters. I think I thought that the play was missing a climax. I am not sure when the climax or the height of the play was reached. I think that the lack of a climax comes from the vagueness of the character objectives. I…show more content…
Johnson character could have been looking for happiness in his job, in his own personal life, or in his marriage. However, the only true happiness seeking action we see him do is chase his wife around the kitchen. I also thought there was a lot going on in the play at that at times it was hard to follow. I felt that there was just a lot going on and a lot of inferences that had to be made, which took away from the actors. I also did not like how it seemed that the scenes with the couples were supposed to be happening simultaneously and it seemed like the day was starting over every time a new couple would take the stage. I wish there was a more fluid way those scenes could have been run where you could see the Joneses dancing while the Smith’s were taking the breaks in between the argument. When the Johnson’s switched to the stage, I originally thought that it was a new day because at the end of the smith scene they were ordering dinner and the lights seemed dim. It wasn’t until Mr. Smith made the comment about making the salmon until I realized it was still that same day, just being shown from a different house. Again I wish there was a way the audience could have at least seen a small portion of the two couples simultaneously just to give the audience an idea of the time frame. Also I felt like half the time I didn’t really know what was going on or that I missed something. For example when Mrs. Johnson was so appalled that Mr. Johnson had gotten out of bed
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