Analysis Of The Play Fences By August Wilson

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The Play “Fences” written by August Wilson is a very interesting play to read and understand. This play also introduces many different themes as well as literary devices that helps the readers to have a better understanding of what will happen later on in the play. The Characters are Troy, Bono and the boss Mr. Rand. This play has conflicts that are occurring in the play between these two characters. In this play the characters Troy and Bono are best friends and they hang out by drinking and talking. Mr. Rand happens to be in charge of Troy and Bono. The boss seems racist in my point of view because he only had the employees lift the garbage but not drive the truck. Bono and Troy have some relationship problems where Bono is being accused of cheating with his best friend’s wife. Cory who is the son of troy and Rosie is an African American Football player but always wanted to play for the Major League in baseball. Cory is getting highly recruited by North Carolina to play college football, which made him give up his job because of the football recruitment. This play has a lot of points that are presented to the readers’ to be able to understand what is going on in the play. These characters as well present themselves throughout different ways in the play. Troy’s and Cory’s relationship is pretty tense and fiercely. Cory is a highly talented football player that wants to continue playing football at a higher level and prove to his dad Troy that he can do something that he
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