Analysis Of The Play Fences By August Wilson

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In the 1950’s there was a major problem of racial discrimination making it impossible for people of color to do what they wanted to do. In the play Fences by August Wilson he brings in Troy Marxson, who is the main character of the play dealing with racial discrimination. Troy Marxson is a man with strange views of the world and who has a life that can be described as frustrating. Troy’s frustration is caused by his dream of becoming a major league baseball player being ruined by racist tyranny. The era in which Fences took place was during a time where fights to end segregation barely made an impact on society. Racial discrimination affected Troy in such a big way that he finds it hard to believe that anything will get better in the future. Racism is the noticeable enemy in the play. Troy’s anger and frustration towards the world is mainly caused by the horrible situation of many African Americans of his time.
In the start of the play we see Troy and Bono having a conversation on a Friday night. Troy is an African-American living in the decade of the 1950’s who can be described as a large man with thick heavy hands. Bono on the other hand is his follower wanting to emulate Troy’s honesty, and his hard work. As their conversation continues we get to see why Troy is upset on how his boss runs the company. “Why?” Why you got the white men driving and the colored lifting?” (Troy 2) We see that Troy is upset on how his boss only allows white men to drive the truck and have the
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