Analysis Of The Play ' Hamlet ' Essay

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How to Deal with Mortality? Hamlet Edition Hamlet is full of death. The whole plot revolves around the death of King Hamlet, and death is what drives the play forward. Hamlet is surrounded by death and struggles with dealing with it. Before the tragic ending, Hamlet loses his father to murder and his love to crazed suicide. Hamlet also murders the father of his love, Polonius. Shakespeare uses Hamlet’s questioning of his own mortality and fear of death to connect with the human problem: that if we all die, what is the point of living? The opening scenes of the play show an interaction between Hamlet and the ghost of his recently murdered father, King Hamlet. Hamlet’s father reveals to him that he was in fact murdered and that he must avenge his death. The ghost does not implicitly say that Hamlet must kill the new King Claudius to enact his revenge, but that is how Hamlet interprets it. Hamlet never considers another option in avenging his father. Hamlet could of approached the revenge by proving Claudius murdered King Hamlet. If this option had been taken by Hamlet lives could have been saved. Claudius would have still ended up dead, but Hamlet would of taken the throne and lived on after Claudius’ execution for regicide. Intriguingly the ghost is stuck in purgatory, a Catholic idea, when it was illegal to be a Catholic in England at the time. Hamlet knows what he must do, but struggles heavily with the idea of committing murder immediately after the interaction and

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