Analysis Of The Play ' Macbeth '

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Abigail Castillo WHUM December 2014 Final exam Macbeth There are many conflicts found in the play Macbeth by Shakespeare both external and internal. There is man vs. society, man vs. self, man vs. man, and even man vs. supernatural. In my opinion, I believe that the central conflict in Macbeth’s plot is man vs. self, an internal conflict. This internal conflict begins when Macbeth overhears the three witch sisters,also known as the Weird Sisters, making a prediction that one day he will be become King and rule. From this point on in the play, he (Macbeth) is conflicted about murdering Duncan, King of Scotland, in order to gain power. Macbeth starts of the play as a good, honest warrior and the well-trusted captain of King Duncan. Macbeth begins to experience the conflict of man vs self because of his wise to become king (as well as his trust in the witches prediction) which directly goes against his loyalty to King Duncan. Even though he goes through internal conflicts with himself over committing this crime many times his ambition wins, and he becomes a killer. His conscience seems to overcome everything else by the end, and this is also true for other characters in the play. This ambition combined with guilt creates a man vs self conflict all throughout the play. Ambition has severe consequences as seen when Macbeth is slain and branded a tyrant. Shakespeare does not give his character the chance to enjoy what he has done as a way possibly to imply that it is more
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