Analysis Of The Play ' Red By John Logan

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The play RED by John Logan was a phenomenon. It portrays artist Mark Rothko at a serious time of his life, a time where he was becoming depressed and even considering suicide. The play deeply expresses Rothko’s conflicted mindset about the role of art. The conflict between his intellect and will for art represents an internal battle that artists may experience when creating. The play is also a good depiction about the ideas that society has on art... art appreciation. At the same time, the play shares an exhilaration of creating a piece of art. It is for these reasons that the play itself is a work of art. Rothko’s dichotomy was very distinct. It was revealed through the only two characters in the play, Rothko and his assistant Ken. Rothko was portrayed as a very aggressive man who drank, smoked, and became angry at times. Rothko was very passionate about his art so when he was presented the opportunity to exhibit a series of his paintings at the Four Seasons restaurant, he accepted. He believed that he was doing it for the right reason, to create a place where the viewer can live in contemplation with his work. He wanted his work to be understood, to the point that he treated his paintings as if they were his own children. However; he was fooling himself because he knew the location would be a restaurant. So initially, he was driven by the money, although he wasn’t consciously aware. On the other hand, Ken, who is a fictional assistant was intellectually challenging,…

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