Analysis Of The Play ' The Red And Brown Water ' Essay

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Experience Essay About a month ago, my friend invited me to a play on campus that he was going to be staring in. The play was titled, In the Red and Brown Water, and it was located at the Annex theatre. I was curious to know what the play was about so that I can get an idea of what to expect. He mentioned that it is a detailed representation of black culture in the projects of Louisiana. Being that I am an African American male who was raised in a predominately white community, my interest in going to this play suddenly grew. The only knowledge I have about the projects is through media and knowing the general stereotypes of an inner-city area. When I attended the play, I had a fantastic learning experience, and noticed several connections to the texts that we study in the course. To begin with, the scenery of the play wasn’t traditional by any means. Rather than this being a common stage with a large crowd, this was a black box theatre play. Basically, the stage was in the middle of the room and the audience surrounded the performers. The room was about the size of an average high school classroom, which made the play more personal. In fact, the actors would interact with the crowd at times throughout the play. Next, when I first entered the room, I sensed a smooth vibe from the way the room looked. It was very dim and the director played songs by black artist from our generation to serenade the audience with black culture. At this moment, I began to feel very
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