Analysis Of The Poem ' Adrienne Rich

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Women had little resources to escape an unhappy or abusive marriage during the nineteen fifties. Most just learned to deal with it behind their closed doors in silence. During this time the divorce rate, according to an article published in 1973 by the “National Center for Health Statistics”, was at twenty-five percent. (Plateris). Most women did not have the luxury of getting one due to the fact that most husbands of that time had control of the household finances, not to mention that it was a costly venture. Some marriages struggled with spousal abuse as well; be it emotional or physical yet domestic violence at this time was something that people really did not talk about, nor were there the resources for victims that we have today. In this haunting poem, Adrienne Rich uses symbolism to paint a picture of a scared, and lonely woman as she creates this tapestry of Tigers being hunted, in a colorful landscape, while she is pondering her relationship between her and her spouse.
The author starts the poem in a quiet manner with the character Aunt Jennifer sitting peaceably weaving a tapestry of majestic Tigers being hunted. With bright colors in the first stanza,” Bright topaz denizens of a world of green,” (line 2) Topaz is a gem that has a wide color range that includes brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple but the definition of it states that a true Topaz is colorless. Denizens means a place or places so the author’s meaning is, in a sense…
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