Analysis Of The Poem ' Albee '

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such as “amazing” and “extraordinary,”Albee highlights the feelings associated with having sexual relations with a goat and Martin’s satisfaction is clearly conveyed to readers. Also, he suggests that being with Sylvia made him feel a new and unique way, which illustrates that it is the missing component to the happiness in his life. Therefore, the goat symbolizes the missing piece in Martin’s life and the inner desires and fantasies in the American Dream. Albee uses the goat as a symbol to express the American Dream from a unique perspective. The American Dream is often thought to be the “white picket fence life,” so when Albee uses the goat to symbolize the American Dream, he generates entertainment and interest in readers because of it’s unusual representation. Also, having the goat represent inner desires and fantasies appeals to the audience through pathos because of the humorous idea. Without the use of a goat as symbolism, Albee’s argument would not be as strong because to readers, his play would only appear to be about having sexual relations with a goat. By using symbols, Albee strengthens his argument because he is able to depict the role of inner desires and fantasies in the American Dream.
Although both authors use symbolism, they differ in how they suggest money influences the American Dream. Thompson claims that money solves problems. To support his claim, Thompson uses the strategy of exemplification to express the power of money in Las Vegas. He uses an…
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