Analysis Of The Poem ' Allah 's Name '

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“HELP,PLEASE HELP,” said a random anonymous voice. Sinbad reacted quickly.
“What in Allah’s name was that,” said Sinbad while rising up from the salty damp sand.
“oww!”, cried out sinbad while walking on earth’s blades.
“Rocks are gonna be my worst enemy on this island” said sinbad while cleaning the blood off his foot.But as Sinbad followed the cries of the screaming girl he fell into a pond of quicksand.
“Haha quicksand you can 't and will not beat me today my father taught me a trick on how to get out”, giggled sinbad. Sinbad pulling on a vine of a tree to free himself from the quicksand.
“arrrrrrgh”, growled a monster in the distance.
‘What in Allah’s names was that demonish noise”, said sindad while running through jungle to get to
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So i figured when mom killed dad for cheating on her i thought you stabbed mom. But i never had any true evidence until a month ago i went into your old room and guess what i found?” said sinbad.
“what-What did you find?” asked sinbad.
“ I founded a letter to Allah apologizing for your actions and that you knew you would be sent to hell” said sinbad with a tone of success but he hasn 't completed his mission yet. He still planned to kill cyrus.
“Oh brother so now you will kill me and have no way of getting of this hellish island, Ok go ahead kill me but remember if you kill me there is no way you go back home” said cyrus with a grin on his face. Cyrus gave Sinbad his sword knowing that his older brother sinbad would never lay a finger on him so there was no chance sinbad will kill cyrus.
And for a short moment sinbad thought to himself “do i leave the island or do i avenge my mother for the pain cyrus has caused her?”
“Your right cyrus i will not kill you not, for me but as i promised five years ago to my mother i will avenge her” yelled sinbad.
And while time seemed to slow down, sinbad took the sharp sword and put it threw cyrus’s head.
“I keep my promises” said sindad with a grin on his face.
Now that sinbad has a weapon he is ready to go free that girl.
“The sun is falling i need to get food and shelter” thought sinbad. Sinbad say a light in the distance he thought it maybe a torch so he ran threw the
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