Analysis Of The Poem ' An Unknown Girl ' And ' Still I Rise ' Essay

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Both poems “An Unknown Girl” and “Still I rise” have a very different narrative story and both poets use various different poetic devices to draw empathy and sympathy from their audiences, however both poems covey an overall positive mood. In the poem ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou, the poet uses repetition, metaphors and similes to express to her audience about how she has overcome racism in her life through demonstrating a strong, proud and defiant attitude to inspire others. In the poem “An Unknown Girl”, Moniza Alvi also uses poetic techniques such as metaphors, personification, alliteration, repetition and similes in order to depict her journey in rediscovering her cultural identity. The title “Still I Rise” is short and simple but yet very powerful. The title serves to set the scene for the entire poem. Maya Angelou uses the phrase of the title throughout the entire poem, and the repetitive nature makes clear what the entire point of the poem is. It is a pivotal phrase in the poem and is used almost as a mantra, just emphasising the fact that no matter how much pain, hatred, and fear she undergoes, she is able to rise above it all. The word “still” already shows her ability to stand up for her rights. On the other hand, the title “An Unknown Girl” has a very deep meaning to it. The word ‘unknown’ brings out the sense of uncertainty and mystery but the clever use of the pun is quite effective. The title is not only for the girl who is applying the henna, who remains

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