Analysis Of The Poem ' Annabel Lee ' By Edgar Allan Poe

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In the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe, he talks about two important characteristics, dead and love. He describes her, as a young woman who is deeply in love with him, and vice versa. There love is unique and strong, and this is the reason why angels and demons are against their happiness, creating envy and jealously. Unfortunately she dies, to what he blames it on the demos who hate them, taking his love away and placing her on a sepulcher. But he makes his point by saying that not even demos will fade their love away, because is so strong that goes beyond dead. Is this poem base on a real story? or is just a type of figurative language that Poe uses to speak about an impossible relationship but unbreakable love. On the first and second stanza Poe introduces to Annabel Lee and describes how young they are, how strong and intense their love is and how even powerful angels in heaven envy them. Poe says “It was many and many a year ago” “she live with no other thought that to love and be loved by me”, “she was a child and I was a child” and “with a love that the winged seraphs coveted her and me” (494-495). By reading these lines we understand who Annabel Lee is and how important she was for him. He wants to start his poem like a fairy tale type of story with words like “many and many” but it makes a contradiction by saying that it happened a year ago, letting us know that the story is not old and still feels for him like it happened yesterday. He talks about how

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