Analysis Of The Poem ' Ballad Of Birmingham '

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Rough Draft for Critical Analysis Essay Irony is a big part in life, especially when you try to something right and it ultimately blows up in your face. This poem written by Dudley Randall “Ballad of Birmingham” is a world shattering and ironic story of a mother trying to keep her daughter out of harm’s way, and it ultimately failed. Randall wrote his poem in dialogue to show a conversation between mother and daughter. As well as that, dialogue is used to show the hardships of growing up black especially in the 1960s. However Randall also uses irony as an unexpected twist. Lastly he uses imagery to express the tragedy that happened on September 15, 1963. The poem “Ballad of Birmingham” by Dudley Randall uses depressing irony, ironic dialogue, and heart breaking imagery to not only have a personal impact with his audience but to also give a historical aspect during the raced biased issues during the 1960s. The poem "Ballad of Birmingham" took place in the 1960s during the church bombing of Birmingham. The poem tells the story of a mother and a daughter, where the daughter is asking to go to the freedom rally. The mother in fear of the violence and fear of the daughter being killed the mother says no. Instead the mother sends her to church where it is safe. Sadly and ironically the church, a sacred and holy place, was bombed. All that was left was a shoe from her baby. Throughout this heart wrenching poem readers can feel the author Dudley Randall reaching out and
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