Analysis Of The Poem ' Billy Collins '

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Introduction to Poetry Billy Collins is known as one of the most popular, successful, and influential poets in American history. Collins is famously known for addressing his audience directly, mentally pulling them into the poem, and creating a temporary companionship with the reader. One of the prominent examples of this style of writing can be examined in his poem, Introduction to Poetry. In Billy Collins poem, Introduction to Poetry, he plays the role as a teacher, teaching the reader how to analyze poetry by letting your open mindedness lead you to the meaning of the poem. The title of the poem can be compared to a beginner English class, such as Poetry 101. Introduction to Poetry is about a teacher’s frustration towards the simple mistake that inexperienced readers make when poetry is first introduced. Unable to read the poem properly, they often do not capture a poem’s natural beauty or message. Often frustration to interpreting certain pieces of writing leads to the animosity of poetry. In the poem Collins is contrasting two ways of reading a poem. The first opinion, which is advocated in the first five stanzas, is of the poet or teacher who describes how he would like readers to read the poem. The second opinion, which is condemned in the last two stanzas, is of the readers and students who want to find out as quickly as possible what the poem means. Throughout the poem, there is heavy use of metaphor for “poem”. For example, in the first stanza, “I ask them to…
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