Analysis Of The Poem ' Blood Wedding ' And ' The Love Of Don Perimplin And Belissa

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This essay will discuss how themes are served by the similarities and differences across content and form in two of Federico Garcia Lorca plays; ‘Blood Wedding (1931)’ and ‘The Love of Don perimplin and Belissa in the garden’(1928). ‘Spain’s most celebrated dramatist’ (G. Edwards,1990), a director, poet and painter, born in 1898, Granada. Lorca’s plays aren’t just like any others, he was a success in his time as - “The plays will be analyzed according to plot and character, which will be combined because Lorca 's plays are so well constructed that these elements are almost perfectly fused together; language, where some recurrent images and symbols w ill be discussed; and visual elements, which will analyze settings, atmosphere and stage directions specified by the author. “ () Several of Lorca’s influences are Manuel de Falla whom shared the same interests with Lorca in relation to Spanish music and was involved in the showing of some of Lorca’s puppet plays. Fernando de los Rios, a professor in political law, was also a big influence in Lorca’s life, Fernando was a humanist and scholar of that time. But most importantly an influence who encouraged Lorca on writing his first book. It is obvious that although Lorca wasn’t as studious and a reader of many book as some believe you should in order to succeed, he managed to have all these influences and support around him in which allowed him to express his ideas and views in al the plays he writes. It’s important to

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