Analysis Of The Poem ' Blue Lipstick '

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This crafty collection of poems is an expression of Jessie’s, a fifteen year old girl, words and thoughts about the world and people around her. The poems express her emotions of having a bad hair day, choosing friends, and even her super annoying brother. Her laughable, sarcastic take on high school life is shown through concrete poetry: words, ideas, and design that combine to make pictures and patterns. The illustrations and text really make each poem magical. Young adults enjoy poetry, poems associated to their moods, emotions, provide humor for them and may give a new outlook of a topic. It is a way to reach teenagers through shorter literary work. Poetry is carefully selected for their sonorous and rhythmic effect. It is the concentrated expression of ideas and feelings through imaginative words. The words are place together to form thought that provoke humor and other emotions in the reader. Blue Lipstick is a great example of young adult poetry, the poems are told in first person by Jessie, a teenage girl. Blue Lipstick is a poetry book by a single poet, John Grandits. His interpretation of Jessie’s thoughts keeps the reader enjoying each poem. I also feel the collection is a thematic poetry book because the entire collection is about the everyday life of Jessie. Jessie explaining about her bad hair day starts off the poems. She and Lisa, her best friend, decided to do something “extreme” to her hair. The result was half bleach that made her look ancient and the

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