Analysis Of The Poem ' Blushing '

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Blushing, Chris tried to deny doing anything special, as did Jenny, but neither of their parents would hear of it. Knowing how their parents felt and that what they did do was helping was a relief for Jenny, as well as Chris. Giving their mom and dad one last hug, both turned in early and were soon asleep. Not long after, Roy and Joanne followed the example and after checking on all three of the kids, went to bed themselves. Relief spread throughout their bodies at the knowledge that despite the turmoil going on, Chris and Jenny were doing quite well. For once, all those under the DeSoto’s roof slept peacefully throughout the night.
Everyone, with the exception of Johnny, finally woke up on Saturday morning at eight in the morning. After checking on Johnny and seeing he was still sleeping well, Roy decided that to let him sleep. Although the family did their best they could to keep the noise down, a half-hour later, the cow bell sounded from John’s room.
Grinning as he got up from the table, Roy said, “Excuse me a moment, seems the youngest has awoken and is demanding attention.”
That sent all three of the others into giggles and Joanne had to roll her eyes. Getting up, she added more bacon to the pan and got the pancakes going so Johnny could eat as soon as he came in. A pro at timing, she was just finishing up the meal as Johnny came in slowly. Assessing him, Joanne sensed something was different. Thinking on it, she shrugged mentally.
Maybe it was just the effects of a…
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