Analysis Of The Poem ' Blushing '

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Blushing, Chris tried to deny doing anything special, as did Jenny, but neither of their parents would hear of it. Knowing how their parents felt and that what they did do was helping was a relief for Jenny, as well as Chris. Giving their mom and dad one last hug, both turned in early and were soon asleep. Not long after, Roy and Joanne followed the example and after checking on all three of the kids, went to bed themselves. Relief spread throughout their bodies at the knowledge that despite the turmoil going on, Chris and Jenny were doing quite well. For once, all those under the DeSoto’s roof slept peacefully throughout the night.
Everyone, with the exception of Johnny, finally woke up on Saturday morning at eight in the morning. After
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Goodness knows it has help the mood of everyone else in here, she reflected.
Serving him his breakfast with a cheerful good morning, all four DeSoto’s were a bit taken when he respond in kind. It took a few seconds and was said hesitantly, but still, it was said. Usually, all they received was a very shy hi or a nod with a blush. As they continued eating, each person tried not to look, but couldn’t help but glance as Johnny slowly, but surely at his breakfast without prompts. When given his meds, his face fell, but again, he took them without question. Finding this unusual, Chris and Jenny looked to their dad for answers.
Shrugging his shoulders with his eyes going wide, Roy indicated that he had no idea why Johnny was suddenly fine with accepting the food. There could be a host of reasons why; it could just be a temporary complacency, it could be the anti-depressants were working better, it could be he was just too hungry to care. Deciding that there was too many possibilities and combinations of possibilities, Roy felt it would be best just to observe Johnny casual. That way, if something was changing medically, than hopefully he’d be able to see it and either convince John to go to Rampart or Doctor Early to stop by.
“I was thinking about having a family game day,” Roy said as casually as possible, glancing at Joanne.
Seeing Roy’s head tilt towards Johnny, she jumped in, “I think that’s a great idea. What do you kids think?”
Chris nodded, his
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